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    Question What is your best selling plan?

    I am starting out in reselling and was wondering what your customers buy. Are they looking for 50 mb or 400 mb disk space or anything in between? Are they looking for 2000 mb or 8000 mb of transfer? What else do they commonly look for? What are you selling the most of?

    Thanks for your advice.


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    With our shared hosting the smallest plans sell the best. Most are used for things like family photo's, a small blog or something like that.

    For these purposes the packages of 1 gig data transfer and under are ideal if its all that is needed as they're very affordable which is what people seem to like.

    Also, I think people tend to get the smallest package just to test us out without spending a lot of money. They obviously are happy with their hosting and don't see the point in upgrading because they have found they don't need extra resources (which is fair enough)
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    our personal plan is our best selling plan, which has 3 gigs of bandwidth

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