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    Question MeganetServe, FAstServers or @Webhost, this is the question... :-)

    Hi everybody,

    i'm a proud owner of a rackspace account, as you can see in my previous messages.

    Now i need another dedicated server, but i don't need the quality of rackspace.

    I found the three providers in the subject (i need win2k); they all have prices that i like.

    I would like to have some pros & cons reagarding their bandwidth, support, uptime or "hidden" issues.

    I know there is something on this forum, but i would like to have updated news.

    Thanks for your attention & help,


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    I'm also considering FastServers.Net, and interested in any recent opinions about them:

    1. Are they fast?
    2. Their uptime percentage
    3. Response time of their support staff
    4. How good is their system administration service?

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    1. Yup, very fast. They colo with Hurricane Electric in their Fremont datacenter (using HE's bandwidth, of course).

    2. Pretty good. I don't have any numbers for you, but the only network problem I've had worth mentioning (that I can remember) was discussed here. They also recently rebooted and changed the root pass, but it was an accident (wrong server). Luckily I had a back way in

    3. Very good, except for one e-mail and phone call right after the previously mentioned incident.

    4. No comment, I don't use it.

    Sorry Csol, I've never used either of the other two hosts, and I prefer not to spread heresay You should do searches on all three here, and look in other places as well.

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    Thanks no1v2,

    FastServers offers 2 methods of server administration:
    1. System administration service (included with each server for free)
    2. Fully managed servers (about $250/mo extra).

    I'm wondering how good is their standard administration service, inclided with each server. How quickly they react to problems, replace hardware etc?

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    Just checked out @webhost. Their prices are very attractive -- P4 1.7GHz for $99/mo, full server management for only $125. But I've read that they had serious networking problems, and some people here at WHT were unhappy with them.

    @webhost people post here on WHT and seem very responsive. Have they solved that problem with their network?

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