I am interested in selling the following domain names:

-- site33.com
-- ninepc.com

...Sadly, I wasn't able to develop either of these into anything that I had intended. Site33.com was going to be some sort of community web site but it never got off the ground. As for ninepc.com, I was hoping to use that in conjunction with my business site but I haven't had much time to do anything with it and have since decided against using it.

Both are registered with Dotster and can be quickly switched to another account without any additional charges. If you prefer to have them switched to another registrar, there will most likely be an additional transfer charge with the other registrar.

Note: ninepc.com was registered on August 23, 2002 and won't be transferrable to another registrar for a few more days.

Only serious requests please. Contact me via PM or through either site above using the form I've posted on each site.

Thank you,