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    * need advise on hosting business

    I am thinking to set up a web hosting company in Australia. As this will be my first one, can anyone advise me which way to go there ?

    Appreciate if someone can source me with good vendor at competitive price.

    kind regards,

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    You could try asking fellow Aussie hosts like AussieBob, Editor etc. I'm sure they also have reseller plans you could start of with

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    Have you ever had an account before under a hosting company? If not, I would suggest that you try several control panels and see what you think your customers would like best. Then learn it as much as possible so you know how to support them.

    Then make a business plan.
    Then sign up for a reseller account.
    Learn the reseller control panel (you could also do this while you are creating the business plan).

    Then go get customers. It would really be helpful if you would start with one or two that you could host and explain that you are learning how to host accounts but will find all the answers they will need. Then give them a break on their hosting while you learn.

    Then you're probably ready to 'go live.'
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    Re: need advise on hosting business

    Originally posted by hsudjaja
    I am thinking to set up a web hosting company in Australia.
    We'll be building a datacentre in Brisbane that you're welcome to sink some funds in to.


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