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    * drops it's prices!

    Hello everyone,

    just a note to let you know that we are now offering completely re-designed dedicated web servers packages, starting now at only 99.95$ / month for a p3 1GHz, 256mb RAM, 40gb HD, 4 IP addresses included. We are still offering the same awesome stability and reliability, and we still don't charge for incoming data coming from the internet to the server, we only charge for the outgoing traffic! We are completely Cogent free, we use premium multi-homed high-speed connections.

    Check it out at
    If you are wondering, we've been serving hundreds of very happy customers across the world for more than a year.

    Aeternam Technologies
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    your on foonet.. they only have qwest how are you multihomed?
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    I believe foonet has multiple providers besides qwest.

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    foonet suck recently, they claim they can handle ddos attacks yet just today alone our servers have been very lagged/pinged out for around 5 hours, and this is like the second time in 2 months or so.

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