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    Pricetrend - Find the Best Prices!


    We have launced a new price comparison site and would apreciate any feedback.

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    You header and top menu is a little plain looking and just blends in with the body of the site with it being white. Try adding some color or imagery.

    The "welcome to pricetrend" doesn't quit cut it. May be some image text or change to font and size or something.

    Your side tables seem to blend in with the middle content area. Try changing the bg color so it separtes itself from the white middle area.

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    The only thing that I would like to see as a visitor to your site are little thumbnails of the products I am comparing.



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    Just a recommendation: Have your search box at a visible place on the homepage. Many times, people looking for the best price for a product want to diverge directly to a search feature (that's me. )

    Also, I would recommend more vendors. I did a sample search for the NEC FE950+, and received no results.

    I'm going to be harsh in saying that if I had no results, I'd move on to the other price comparison websites (,, etc.)

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