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    Exclamation FDCservers... where is my server...

    Where the hell is my server?????????
    -----Original Message-----
    From: Petr Kral - KingComp systems& [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: Monday, October 14, 2002 6:09 AM
    To: Kleopatra
    Subject: Re: Order


    I just want to inform you that the rest of your payment went through OK and
    we will have your server up in next 24 hours


    (That rest was 89$ for Ensim licence)
    24h? Yeah right!
    I don't care if you get 200-300 or 6000 emails a day...
    I don't care if you don't have time to sit around waiting for my emails...
    I don't care period!

    I sent you 3 emails since then.
    When it was about money you replayed in a matter of 1-2 hours...
    But now...

    Refund me in full (503$) or get me the bloody server on line like 72 hours ago!

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    Seems to be a lot of talk today about FDCs.
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    Actually I was going to post this yesterday but I gave them 24 more (!) hours...

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    Well... Exxxcuse me... it's up... with an extra addon

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    i cant believe people even buy servers from there/
    i contacted the guy and asked why his paypal account was frozen!
    and he ignored me. then when i tried loading from opera 6.03 it doesnt even work. seems there standards are much like a 5 year olds .

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    I think you better check your options...
    If you can afford a dedicated server for >400$ a month + bandwidth limit and additional 0.5$ or more per gig, than go ahead...
    Further more... Every company has problems...
    Take a look at this...
    On their site there is a 15mb file to download...
    Sometimes dl speed drops to 20KB/s or less. Why donít they remove that? They could hide some problems this way but they donít.
    I believe they are doing the best they can.
    If I see in future that their server is not for me I'll move. Itís as simple as that.
    But I believe everything can be worked out.
    I only hate when no one tells me whatís going on.
    Not replaying on an email sucks big time.

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    why his paypal account was frozen
    That's just how paypal is and probably has nothing to do with FDC - paypal can freeze anyone's account at any moment for any reason and you just have to wait until they finish thier investigation. One cause would be if someone bought an FDC server with a stolen card. Paypal will actually freeze FDC's paypal account for an unknown and undisclosed period of time while they look into the faud, even if it is because of no fault's of FCD - one of the things which really stinks about using paypal.
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    paypal sucks
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    Paypal is the worst payment proccessing institution on the face of this planet

    everybody who likes paypal so much should read this

    I know that people who think that it can not happen to them will be sooner or later very suprised and I just hope that things will get better when the merge with ebay is fully complete.

    Our company was with paypal since the beginning and now I wouldn`t deposit $1 with them. First 2 or 3 years were perfect no/low fees,no hassles. Than they started with their profiling and freezing account for bull$hit reasons. I understand they need to protect themself from fraud but why screw with people who had account with them in good standing for couple years. Couple quick points.

    1. Try canceling you acount while it`s frozen and you`ll see your money in 6 months

    2. Seller protection plan , what a JOKE , it should be call Paypal protection plan

    3. Imagine having $15000 frozen for 4 weeks because you changed your checking account #, that can really screw up your cash flow

    4. at least %10 of our clients were late with their payments to us in the past because paypal froze their accounts

    5. We received around $600 000 through paypal in 2001 , that over $12000 profit for them and still they kept freezing us

    6. How can they freez your money, even bank usually needs court order for that unless it`s obvious fraud

    everybody just get a merchant account , start accepting credit cards, it`s been around X years, it works, and if there is a problem eventually your bank will fight for you

    just my 2 cents

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    Paypal is a great company. I have used them for 2 years now and I have never had a problem. The support is always there and the account always functions good. I think as a company it is important to protect yourself and paypal has the right to do that. In their terms it says that they can freeze your account. Why would you cancel your account if its frozen? That would just make them assume that you want to get the money and jet off (hence the 6 month wait). If you change your checking account number, you should first add the new one and confirm it while the other one is still in use, then make the new one your primary account. That way you don't freeze your account for the time it takes to confirm your checking account.

    Also paypal couldn't care less if you brought in half a million each year. The amount you pull in doesn't make you a special member. And if your taking in that much how come you don't have a merchant account in the first place?

    Everyone has their views on a company. I beleive that paypal is great because I haven't experienced any problems with them. If I do I will let you know. Everyone is the same, they want to protect themselves so paypal does it by freezing the account and making sure no more "fraud" is done until they finish investigation. However, they only do this with reasonable cause and I highly doubt that they froze your account out of no where.

    Just my 2 Cents


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    Originally posted by Neo3Net

    And if your taking in that much how come you don't have a merchant account in the first place?
    yeah, no kidding. that's what i was thinking. that's a lot of money to have in paypal.

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