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    [help] Slow Server

    I am currently on a **dedicated** server at rackshack, and running a medium sized forum (between 10-50 members logged in at once). During the lowest points of day, it's blazing fast, but as the higher traffic hits, it gets bad, eeffecting all sites on the server. vB 2.2.8, MySQL 3.23.x, PHP 4.1.1. PIII 1.7ghz server, redhat 7.2, and apache. The database is around 50mb.

    Anyone tell me how to speed it up? What's causing the slowness. Thanks for your help!


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    PHP 4.1.1? Versions before 4.1.2 have security problems.

    Also in phpMyAdmin optimize the tables
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    There is a ton of support available at and

    If your licensed, you can access the forums. Vbulletin is quick in helping people get through setups. You should easily be able to handle about 250 users on your box as stated.

    Make the mysql changes, upgrade php, make sure your indexes are clean and tweak your box out.

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    <tip>Uninstall all control panels, uninstall Apache binaries, load Apache 1.3.14 + AAP Patch + Chunked encoding fix + PHP 4.1.2 = fast server</tip>
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    kill your mysql daemon and restart it with & at the end. this will run it in the background if it hasnt been done already. if you want to get a better diagnoses, give snapshots of top and vmstat 1 on your server.

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    Have you checked what is running?

    On Webmin to check the processes

    1. CPU usage
    2. Memory usage

    Might be running on the swap file already. Poorly configured server maybe. To small a swap space?

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