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    Post Looking For Your Own Cheap Server?

    I recently bought a Dell, Intell Pentium 4 server. Below I provided some information on it. But I just cannot afford the 200.00$ a month payment. This comes with 2 domains,, and I am offering this server to anyone for 150.00$ a month. It comes with Cpanel 5.0, Red Hat Linux is the OS, and it has about 60 GB of space you can use, and 400 GB bandwidth for use. The only reason I am asking 150.00$ a month is because I want hosting for myself, all I ask for is 1500 MB of space (about 1.5 GB), and 10 GB of Bandwidth (abfout 10,000 MB) for my advertising site. Thats all I ask, and I will also provide you with a site template and domain reseller account with enom! I mean, I think this price is pretty decent... and if I talk to the keeper of the server, I am sure I can get more space, bandwidth or whatever! If you are interested you can E-Mail me or Message me on the MSN Account : [email protected], or the AOL account : Solvant. Thanks..

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    Are you offering to sell, lease or rent the server?
    Do you actually own the server yourself, or are you renting it from someone?
    And where is the server located at the moment?
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    I currently own it, and it is located in Chicago.

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    So... you pay $200 a month, and you ask for $150 ... so you pay $50 for 1.5 Gb & 10Gb/month? ... hrm...

    gimme $50/month and I will give you 2,000 Mb Space & 30 Gb/month.
    I've Cpanel 5.2, and are on premium bandwidth ( ) server is located on Atlanta

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