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    Question Geographical location?

    Hello there, i have several dedicated servers in my country (Mexico) and i would like to move to some dedicated ones in the US because of the price.

    Im considering fastservers, servint and serverhost,... would it be a significant speed increase if i choose a dc located near the border instead of one located at the north part of US?

    My main concern is that the speed that i have right now would be affected dramaticaly because of the servers been colocated in the US.

    Im not a network expert so i would like to hear some advice?


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    Hello, I also live in Mexico CIty... and if you put your server in California or Texas, you get lower acces times than the servers located in Mexico City!!
    ..becase is very common to take a round trip to US while trying to acces a server in Mexico.


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    Dallas, Los Angeles, and Miami have major lines to Mexico, Dallas having the largest share. You probably won't get a better response from san antonio, el paso, or brownsville than dallas since dallas is where many of the backbones converge. In simple terms, I think Dallas would be your best bet.
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    A bigger Internet Data Center (IDC) will obviously have a better backbone network and peering connections with other Internet providers. Aerial distance is not the most accurate factor in selecting an IDC.

    You should get IP addresses from within the datacenter and ping, trace the routes, check BGP routes and do speed tests against those IP addresses.

    From a trace route, you can often tell which cities your traffic went through as many ISPs name their routers after city abbreviations or airport codes. | sales | 800.710.8004
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