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    Question Plesk hosts: Opinions on Modernbill vs EasyPSA?

    They both look real nice, both are priced in the same neighborhood ($280 vs $300). Any comments that you care to share?

    And yes, I did a search for posts on this, nothing has been posted since the MB v4 release.

    One difference I can think of is that MB isn't control panel specific like EasyPSA is. But does that mean it's a disadvantage to EasyPSA or an asset?

    Websites for both programs aren't terribly helpful...


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    I think that ModernBill is trying to capture all markets which means they will not be very knowledgable in any one area.

    easyPSA on the other hand focuses on the Plesk control panel - and because they are focusing on one area, they must be better in that area than ModernBill could ever be...

    Well, that's what I think anyway

    So to answer your question, I think it's an asset to easypsa

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    here's my 2 cents

    1) don't confuse your customer management with your server management, your customer records and how you interface with them is something that needs to overide possible changes in server software somewhere in the future, your customers will always be your customers, plesk may not always be your server software.

    2) Again don't confuse your customer management with your server management, these are 2 distinct areas of your business, plesk have openly said they will not include billing/support etc for end users in their product, so why does billing software have to tie in so clolsely with server software.

    3) auto-creation is probably not something you want to go for with the amount of fraud around.

    The most important asset of your business is your customer base, make sure you get a product which deals with them today and in the future.

    Setting up customers in Plesk is a 2 minute job with the new templates.

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    2 awesome posts, thank you very much!

    I like EasyPSA being specialized, but it's probably a much better asset to have the database portable to any control panel or none at all.

    I don't have Plesk 5, so I don't have the new templates. Might have to check out their functionality to see if it would streamline things for me.

    Thanks again for the replies.

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    I think modernbill is the most robust application. Plesk 5.0 does most of the automation and moderbill is going to be adding a plesk add-in for auto creation of new customers with a click of a button.

    Modernbill isnt trying to corner too much, they provide a customer management, system that is moving towards an all in one application for billing, support and account creation and domain name registration.

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