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    Question Multiple Domain Host

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could reccomend a decently priced webhost that allows for multiple top level domains, on a linux/unix server. A lot of the places I have found on the web almost want to charge the same price as like a dedicated server or something. I need about 30Gb bandwith a month if possible. Does anyone know of any good ones? Please let me know!!

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    If you look around quite a few do reseller plans including myself. These often come with control panels (like Ensim, which I use).

    If you make a post in the advertising forums I'm sure a few could give you a quote

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    145 would be my recommendation.
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    30gb transfer? You need a reseller plan...and a big one at that.
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    i have been using

    they are very responsive to me and allow up to 10 domains per acccount!

    chris j

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    If you're looking to host 15 domains or up I would recommend an Unlimited Domain, bulk reseller type plan. However, if it's just a few domains I am sure the price could be reduced a lot. It would also change depending on your disk space requirements, try contacting a few Multiple Domain providers or ask for a custom quote that meets your exact needs
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