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    Arrow Design Needed..

    OK. I need a design for a hosting company. The name is InfoBeen. I will also need a logo. I am currently looking for different offers and prices. Please contact me and be sure to include pricing and some examples of previous work (if applicable). An idea of something I want: I like this page ( but instead of blue, have green like this ( That's just an idea of what I want. Thanks in advanced.

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    You have already got in contact with Chewnet, however, I'm more than influenced to post here.
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    Im interested in this project...
    Although the link you have there, isnt working, Im sure I can do any design/layout you need.

    You can find my portfolio at

    The price for the logo is $40 USD, and $150 USD for the design.
    What you will get for the $190 USD is a logo a long with revisions. As well as a design and subpages wanted.

    Let me know if you have any questions:
    [email protected]
    PixelDaze (AIM)
    166483866 (ICQ)

    Thank you for your time, I look forward to your response.
    Best Regards,
    Jeff @ PixelDaze Studios

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    You can use this link instead ( Also, I haven't entered into any contract with Chewnet. I simply e-mailed them asking for a quote.

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    Please disregard this post for a design for I did not authorize this.

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    ? Who said it was for you anyways? lol

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    Re: Design Needed..

    Originally posted by mhale
    OK. I need a design for a hosting company. The name is InfoBeen. I will also need a logo.
    I believe that would be you. - Where professionals discuss web hosting.

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    This seems to be a case of grab a design and run

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    A good reason to purchase the corresponding domain names.

    The following addresses ARE AVAILABLE.

    INFOBEEN.COM (already taken, click here for info)

    INFOBEEN.US Special Offer! $6.95

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    Originally posted by TemplateGuy
    This seems to be a case of grab a design and run
    Hmm..What's that suppose to mean? hehe. Anyways, to clarify, I was working on teaming up with Kyle. I was going to construct a new website for him to see if he liked maybe pursway him? lol..Just because I want a design that says InfoBeen, doesn't technically mean I want to steal his site name or anything like that. That's almost like me wanting a design that says "Cheese" and their is a business called It really has nothing to do with each other. Also, I considered it very rude to insinuate that I was trying to steal his name (Stating that he should have registered all Infobeen.** names).

    Wow..I really felt like I was blabbering a lot in that message

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    Also, I would like to add-on this. I don't want to be rude towards Kyle in any way, as we have been friends for a very long time and hope that friendship lasts many more years. However, I don't see how you can "authorize" me to request a design? It's my free choice. I'm guessing that you stated this meaning that you didn't give me permission to request a template for your site. I never said I was requesting it for your site. (Jumping to conclusions. One of the many signs of hunger. Go get a Snickers candy bar ) [lol..I just said that to lighting up this sort-of dark post]

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    I was not insinuating that you were trying to steal the name, just pointing out the fact that if you wanted to you could register any of the corresponding domain names. I know a lot of people that puchase at least both the .com and .net if available.

    You were blabbering

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    OK. Well in that case, I would like to apologize. I misinterpreted your message. I guess I was just a little upset.

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    Infobean? Smelly subject

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