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    need Hostmania MSE feedback

    I know about that CC processor faux pas - do not need comments on that.
    But how's their MSE solution working for you (uptime, support)?
    *** control panel - cons x pros?

    If somebody has a link to *** pdf tutorial (documentation), I would appreciate it. I know it is somewhere inside but I am behind firewall (cannot reach that), and my trial is soon to be expired.

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    I'm using one of the MSE128's and I find it quite nice for my purposes. I'm running half a dozen domains on it, and compared to the prices of running my own dedicated box it's a bargain. The control panels are not really as fabulous as ******* might wish, But, if you don't mind running your virutal server with webmin (which I prefer anyway) I think you'll find a very capable solution to your needs. The only problem I've had is getting DNS set up correctly, but the staff has been very helpfull and willing to help me out.


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