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    Question Visa regs - anyone going to Verotel?


    I'm based in the UK and for the last year I've been using iBill for my billing solution. To be honest I can't fault them... until now!

    As we all know, non-US residents are basically faced with the option of gaining a "presence" in the US or moving to an EU based processor.

    We really want to stay with iBill, for the rebills, affiliate set-up etc. but we now have no choice but to look for an alternative.

    A lot of people have suggested Verotel - but their web site looks unprofessional and I've never heard of them until this week. Are they any good? Is anyone here actually using them?

    The only other EU ones seem to be WorldPay who have no user management or partnership program and generally about 1 year behind the likes of iBill.

    Help me!


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    man, the web site looks a lot more professional than ibill 1 years ago. Do you still remember how ibill looked like?

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    I just signed up with them. Their member control panel looks a lot better than ibill.

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    But how big are they? I know iBill counts, Sony and several other large companies as their clients, but how big is this Verotel company? They only have 2 phone numbers and 2 contact names. Are they a "fly by night" company? I just need some reassurance before I sign-up

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