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Thread: UCG any good?

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    UCG any good?

    I know they havn't been around long but what are some peoples thoughts that have a server with them? They seem to only have high quality BW now and that's good though they still have Cognet as a backup.

    But what are you peoples (who have servers with them) thoughts? Does anyone have any clients on a UCG server? What's with the up time? I heard they had a screwed up perception of how 00.01% downtime is or something.

    Thenks people.
    Cory Cone

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    Their uptime is unacceptable to house clients on one of their boxes. Do a search here for more information.
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    They don't seem to be using Williams/Cogent anymore, see this thread for info on that.

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    I haven't had any problems with them. Tech support is good, server works perfectly

    Only problem I've come across is they seem to have a dodgy router that sometimes goes on the blink. I'm not sure about the amount of bandwidth available either, if anyone can give me a file to download on a fast server, I'll have a go at downloading it for you to do a test.

    Also, its not for the feint hearted - those with experience in server administration need only apply (you will do most things through SSH).

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