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    Hosting needs, will need recommendations

    Hey guys,

    I've got a site about singer Shania Twain and it looks like it's putting a full load on's servers, that's who I'm hosting it with right now. Anyhoo, here's what I'm going to need and I'm seeing if anyone can offer me something close:

    -- 400-500 MB of webspace
    -- mySQL database with numerous simultaneous connections (at least more than 500 connections at a time)
    -- PHP
    -- 20-25GB of bandwidth per month

    -- Mutiple databases if possible but not required.'s the site:

    Team Shania!

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    I am sure you are aware that hosts are not allowed to make specific offers in this forum.

    However, I am curious as you said you need at least 500 connections at a time. Can you please explain more about this? I visited your site (a nice one btw) and noticed about 10 people online at your lounge.
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    I am sure you are aware that hosts are not allowed to make specific offers in this forum.
    Terry is looking for recommendations

    Terry: If your website is using a lot of resources, and needs a lot more, I'd recommend looking at a Virtual Dedicated (or Private) Server or a small dedicated server. this way you won't affect any other sites on a shared server.

    Start by looking at, as they have some really good prices and great support.
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    Well, you hosting provider offers darn cheap rates, but doesn't seem to have anything in the high end. I'd guess you're paying around $13 for your service....expect to pay $35-40 for what you want...then you shouldn't have a problem...

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    500 connects?
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