This is a repost from a few weeks ago as the offers I got weren’t really going anywhere and I live too far away from the ones that might have turned into a real job. So I decided post one more time.

I'm available Monday - Friday 9am to 9pm EST
and Saturday 12pm to 9pm EST, Sunday 2pm to 8pm EST

I know Raq's inside and out, I've ran Plesk and Webmin on my white box servers. I had my own network in place for my hosting servers using Cisco routers and switches as well as some 3Com equipment.

From the joys and nightmares of running my own hosting company I know how administrate servers well beyond the control panel level and I'm used to solving complex problems at 3 in the morning half asleep.

I'm not really looking for a "answer a ticket" job, but something more worth my while, I have two DSL lines and a Dial-up account so I'm wired 24/7 I spend most of my day on the computer designing websites so you could consider me "on-call" 80% of the time. I take my laptop everywhere I go and email sent to me with a certain set of numbers in the subject line get forwarded to my cell-phone.

I'm 21
I have several years experience in administration, at age 17 I got my MCSE, at age 18 I was the systems admin for a health care agency managing four Windows NT 4 servers, two Linux servers, and two SCO Unix servers, with over 1000 users active on the systems…I was the only admin with one tech under me. At age 19 I opened a computer store and web hosting age 21 I was offered venture capital by a financial consultant to build a small datacenter in Chattanooga, TN....but I turned it down due to the fact that I don't have the business experience to pull something like that off nor could I find anyone with business experience that knew enough about hosting to make it work.

I can get high quality references and more detailed background info about myself if needed. I can also fax a copy of my driver’s license if needed.

If someone in the Atlanta area wants to offer me a real admin job I’d be interested in talking about that as well.

Please contact me at this address [email protected]