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    Cool online Linux, UNIX, apache training courses

    I am looking for recommendations from personal experience with or from referral to online Linux, UNIX, apache training courses that upon successful completion result in a practical, real world usable knowledge and a certificate that means something to propsective employers.
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    theres redhats rhce course might be of some interest to you. ive no experience of this but i know it exists. linux (not unix) to the best of my knowledge due to its nature doesnt carry a core cert like say the mcse because its diverse in its nature. im sure there are plenty of certs out there. i would also presume companies like hp \ sun \ ibm run their own certs for their breeds of unix.
    my knowledge and im sure a lot of other guys on here will be the same, has been gained from practical experience i.e. breaking it and having to fix it before the boss finds it

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    You want Linux training?

    Well, I suggest you go download RedHat, install it on an old PC and mess around with it for a bit.

    I'm pretty sure that's what the majority of us who are (somewhat) experienced with Linux have done...

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    yup, you learn more fixing what you broke then you will in an expensive boot camp or online training course for instance take an oracle ocm cert, you cannot be taught enough to pass it in a week, its months of playing and creating and fixing and reading reams of books (13 modules, 2 books a module, each 300-600 pages lol). money is better spent on a few test systems and lots of hoi sin sauce and prawn crackers

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