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    Custom hosting plan script

    The Spurvus custom hosting plan script continues to be available for demo and purchase at!

    The plan generator allows your customers to create their own hosting plan and get an instant price quote on your website. The script is extremely customizeable. It was designed with cPanel/WHM hosts in mind, but it can be used by anyone. Minor modifications are free.

    *Customizable header and footer files
    *Set per-unit pricing for every feature
    *Set maximum limits for every feature
    *Disable any feature
    *Disable collection of any customer information
    *Supports monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual billing
    *Forms adjust to prevent blank space when fields are disabled
    *Set multipliers for each billing type
    *Disable any billing type
    *Sends host plan information through email after plan is created
    *Can use built-in or external script for email
    *Everything contained in one file
    *Redirect customer to any website after sending email (billing page)
    *Automatically checks that all plan information fields are numeric
    *Automatically checks for blank fields in all forms
    *Includes plan information and customer information forms
    *Choose from 250-pixel wide one column forms and 550-pixel wide two column forms

    Price: $30.00 per copy

    Live demo
    Secure order form
    Email us at [email protected]

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    Great Script. I like it.
    "Leader In E-Business Solution"

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    Nice script!
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    Be carefully before buying this script!

    The 29 december I bought this script. After that, I havn't heard anything from Spurvus and I havn't got the script.

    I have tried sending mails to this company, but without any answers.

    I post a new replay here if I get the script. At the moment, am talking to my bank to begin demanding the money back.

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    Script has been sent to Blinkiz.

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    Today I checked my mail and their it was! The script.

    Took a while, but now I have it

    The script.
    Yeah, seems okay.
    Nothing special. Easy to use and very customizable.

    Worth the price? Hmmz.. Njaa, would prefer $15 more than $30.
    But this is the only script of it's kind on the market, so their isn't much to complain about

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