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    Angry about

    They said on the website: " *excellent reliable, fast and superb support*.A real flexibility. " but I sent 3 emails to their support, sales email addresses, and 2 PMs from this board, they didn't reply my request!

    I requested to cancel my account which is open 2 weeks ago, and I'd like to get my money back. (30-day money back guarantee - website said)

    Stay away from this host!!!!

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    Well never heard of them before, but their site isn't coming up.

    Checking their whois is, seems they are based in Istanbul Turkey. They might be backed up due to time differences, earthquakes, riots, etc in that part of the world.

    Then again that right there would make me leary, no offense to any of our Turkey friends that might be online, after all Thanksgiving is coming up.
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    Hi Microbug

    I think you lost your money, I just dont hope you paid for the expensive account $6.75 pr month by the way did you get a free domain

    Sometime what seems cheap right know is the expensive solution. If you took the time an actually whent over there site you can see and read that its a scam.

    eks: the writhe: See oure datacenter and when you click that link you cant see anything but text, I mean if you really had a datacenter to show wouldent you do it? and if you didnīt have a datacenter why say sow.

    There web site looks like its made from a front-page template, that say everything.

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    yup. I lost my money however, i think i can get my money back from my CC.
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