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    Shared Servers: Kill processes taking your CPU now!

    Keep your shared servers running smoothly:

    ProcessKill is a simple script that monitors current processes in a Linux system and kills the processes taking more than X% of CPU and running for more than Y minutes. This is specially useful for webhosting companies selling shared servers.

    ProcessKill was not made to be beautiful and with a lot of features but to be an effective script.

    For more information:



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    (just so people reading know)

    seems pretty good, ill read a little more tonight and might grab this off you. Can i make it email me rather than kill the process ?
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    For those running Plesk although I haven't tried it, I woudn't say it's good. Because plesk runs webalizer which runs for some time with pretty high cpu load.

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    That is not a problem because you can configure it to allow some users to run whatever they want (don't kill their processes, even if it takes a long time)



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    script's setup allows you to exclude tasks runing under certain users, so you can skip tasks like mysql, weblizer and such...

    I ordered it a couple of days ago, it's pretty simple to install and the price is very good too. Very friendly support.

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    umm, did you look at pam? it is free and does all of this and more =]

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