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    For those who value uptime and stability

    It has been some time since I posted here.

    I thought I will try to reach those customers who value uptime, speed, quality bandwidth and caring, competent support [if I can find any in WHT! ]

    We at have an exremely stable and proven high-uptime FreeBSD server at data center. The server is going into its 9th month today and in all these 9 months we have had a total of 14 hours of downtime

    2 hours when I upgraded Apache to 1.3.26 in July [scheduled]

    5 hours in August when peak-10 added more providers [scheduled]

    7 hours in October when peak-10 added some more providers.[again scheduled for 5 hours but it went upto 7 hours]

    and 2 reboots when we upgraded our RAM from 256 to 512 mb.

    I dont offer uptime guarantees because there are so many factors that affect it, but our record speaks for itself.

    The server is a P3, with 512 MB RAM and I can give a guarantee that there will be no more than 52 sites on that server.

    We give you SSH access and if you find more than 52 sites on the server you get your hosting free for 1 year! [valid for the life of your hosting account with us].

    I am offering 200 megs of space and 4 gb of bandwidth for 9.95$.

    I know it is pricey by WHT standards, but the space is real, the bandwidth is real and added to it is our open guarantee on the number of sites.

    I think discerning customers would prefer to pay a little more for a greater share of the server.

    This offer is for those rare clients who value peace of mind and uptime and server throughput than a lot of non-existent space and bandwidth which they never use.

    Our support is legendary [well that may be a bit of an exaggeration ] but we care enormously for our clients and go the extra mile and give a very personalized service.

    Features and plans can be found on but this offer is a special for WHT.

    You can search WHT for to find feedback on us.


    This is the 2checkout order link for this plan


    Thanks for your time and have a good day!
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    Offering Managed Servers - for an exclusive clientèle who value uptime, caring support and superior technology.

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