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    Thumbs up NTT/Verio colocated servers - Year old server blowout 10Mbps 102GB(day) LOWER PRICE

    Eccentric has several servers that are collocated with NTT/Verio that we need new dedicated clients for. Below is the list of servers. I have supplied an IP so that you can test the connection to that data center. I really need to get people on these servers as soon as possible. 15% off each server if you purchase more than three. I have placed the lowest price possible on all of the servers. Every one of these servers can be up and running within an hour of signup. They currently have Red Hat Linux 7.2 installed on them but within 36 hours cold have win2k for the same price. Each server has a full-unmoitored 10Mbit (102GB) a day connection. Zero setup cost. This service agreement is a month-to-month contract. Each server has three IP address. The server will have 24/7 monitoring and free reboots. These servers are gone for ever at the end of this week. We will install new servers in the rack space if they are not sold asap. This is an awesome deal!

    I have 14 of these servers.
    1x866 MHz Pentium III processor, 512 Mb of RAM,
    and 2x18 Gb SCSI hard drives.
    $490.00 USD these must GO!

    I have two of these
    1x800 MHz Pentium III processor, 512 Mb of RAM,
    and 2x18 Gb SCSI hard drives.
    $455.00 usd

    This is the only one
    1x750 MHz Pentium III processor, 128 Mb of RAM,
    and 1x18 Gb SCSI hard drive.
    $369.00 usd

    These prices are for all servers…

    Additional IPs
    6 Additional IPs $17/mth
    14 Additional IPs $34/mth
    30 Additional IPs $68/mth
    62 Additional IPs $106/mth
    126 Additional IPs $213/mth

    Additional Hard Drive
    18GB SCSI $75/mth
    36GB SCSI $125/mth
    72GB SCSI $250/mth

    Additional RAM for PC Servers
    Additional 128 MB $17/mth
    Additional 256 MB $35/mth
    Additional 512 MB $65/mth

    Thanks for your time.

    [email protected]
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    Servers aren't high spec enough for my taste, but if you have a newer server you'd like to get rid of, I'd love to know as that's some kick ass pricing for Verio bandwidth. 10 MBIT would be overkil for me and would bring me out of budget. Did have a look at your site, but what's listed on there far from offers what I'm looking for (not enough transfer and pricing for more would cripple me).

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    I agree the Servers are Way below Power, bandwidth for price is Awesome, but hardware is low Quality, to my standards anyway if your going to have such a great link, need a nice server to go with it

    Plus for extra hardware it's a bit Pricey

    Otherwise it looks like a great deal that I'd grab & use, but I need more hardware than any of the configured servers, lil faster cpu's & 2 instead of one & atleast a Gig of Ram & more HD Storeage than 36 Gig, I run a few sites that use up a lot of space

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    Same here...

    HW is way low! BW is way high though!

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    Maybe grab one for anyone doing file transfer intensive stuff?

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