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    Exclamation Complete Website Designs, All for $200 and UNDER ! [ A MUST SEE ] is offering complete website designs/graphics/logos/banners... $200 and under !! has signed contracts with several freelance designers. We take full responsibility for our new employees. We are giving away such deals because these designers need experience, and fast. They already have skills in html, css, dhtml, php, javascript.

    Please take a look at's porfolio:

    Then take a quick look at:

    This last one was for a hosting/network/internet services site.

    Contact: [email protected]

    Thanks for you time.
    Kyle S. Gush
    C.E.O. - Hosting/Design Services

    Contact: [email protected]

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    I always thought teenager web developers would be more effective if they didn't try to hide behind the I'm-a-real-company facade. You don't have a team of skilled designers, and you're not a professional hosting company. Your site, while not bad, is littered with typos and misspelled words. Just say, "Hey! I'm a young person with some skills."

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    It makes me laugh so hard when kids put CEO in their profiles.

    When in all actuality, they have no idea what its like to be a CEO.

    They don't realize that most require an MBA. And most the kids on these forums don't even know what an MBA is.

    Hey, I am a CEO to... heh

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    Obviously Jeoworks and dsainternet dont know what CEO is. It simply is an acronym for Cheif Executive Operator. However large or small the organization may be, the person in charge is usually titled as CEO.

    Your ignorant remarks show your immature nature. Only if a director of a company has XYZ number of responsibilities they can be titled as CEO, what a joke. Your preconceived notions of a CEO's repsonsibilities are ludicrious.

    Kyle, keep up the good work!

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    Yes, theres no point on bashing Gushnet.

    Offering services and being reliable is professional.
    Bashing someone in a forum becuase you Suspect they are a minor. And if you own your own company, being the CEO dosen't require a MBA unless you wish it so, does it?

    And asfar as "im a young person I have skills", if you have skills, and attempt to do business and get alot, then you would eventually want to incorporate and put a corporate image.

    Take a look at, hes 18 or 19, does sites for everything from major sports teams to law firms, his site originally just a common graphics site but now he dosen't do work for less than 20,000.

    If he became as skilled as that, wouldn't it be advisable to move into the corporate direction... This designer has already done sites and I imagine spent some time in the online graphics community and could be ready for incorporation or maybe hes a 14 year old kid using someone elses templates who are we to know...

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