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    Question ISP Wholesalers?

    Does anyone know any good ISP wholesalers? I have been told to stay away from Virtual ISP's (WISP) but it seems many of the VISP's pose as wholesalers. I am interested in offering dial-up accounts to add to my web hosting services.

    I would also love to find a DSL or Cable wholesaler so I can reseller DSL, Cable, T1's & up.

    Currently I am signed up with, but they do not have any pops in Orlando, FL where I am located. It would be very hard for me to market a service that is not even available in my area.

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    If you aren't interested in buying from a VISP then you will need to go directly to the wholesale providers themselves - Qwest, Starnet, megapop, etc.

    Just FYI, once you enter into a reselling arrangement with them, you are then a VISP. VISP just means you resell someone else's service with thier POPs instead of building out your own.
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