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    Question Editing files with PHP

    I want to make a script that gets a file name, opens it, prints it to a textarea field, and then lets the user modify it.
    I've tried a lot of stuff... nothing works.
    I'd enjoy any help.

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    the first thing :
    you must have enough right to open a file.

    set access property of the file in OS first. (exampleet to 777 for linux)
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    You should be able to get away with 757 to open and write to files as many servers won't let you use 777

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    I created the file, chmoded it to 777, and then it won't let me edit it.

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    maybe you are opening file as read only :
    fopen ($file, "r")
    and should open it for writing
    fopen ($file, "w")

    look at

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    Haha, ok, I found the problem. I was opening it for writing, so that wasn't the problem... thanks for the help.

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