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    I need your help!

    Hello everyone I am a designer and I just have a question I'd like to ask. For all you fellow designers out there what places do you get your stock photos. Im talking good top quality stock photos and that don't leave your pocket feeling light.

    I request for you to please leave me your opinion of where and who you get your stock photos from.

    Thanks for the help and all the replys.

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    Been asked a few times in the past month. Do a search.

    Lots of sites out there.


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    Yes I know but Im looking for top quality photos just opinions of who you like the best. I know that there are a lot of sites.

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    Plenty of sites come up in a search.. but which ones are the good ones? Like CD's and such is what I am guessing

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    check out:

    and have a look at the products and services offered by Hemera:

    there are many more, but the bookmarks are on my other machine.........good luck........

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