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    Has anyone here used the sphera panel? The demo was done by an ISP and left some questions unanswered. Now, I'd rather get them from an independant source who has used the software.

    I took a look at the demo today and am concerned that

    -- I cannot setup account profiles (i.e. low end, medium end, high end acct types)
    -- I cannot control that the fact that all the users if they want can add mysql and other "medium/high end" packages I would like to charge a premium on. If every user setups mysql and runs it as an individual process I am bound to run out of memory!

    Care to share your experience about Sphera?


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    Thumbs up Sphera

    I leased a Sphera equiped server last week.

    It really is far more sophisticated than any thing else out there, however it takes a programmer to unlock all its potential.

    The key is in its API. You need to know xml in order to implement all the features into your web site.

    With programming knowledge there is literally nothing that it will not do for you.

    I am told that the level of programming knowledge is not very extensive.

    That is where I am now. I am searching for a programmer who can deploy the API into my web site so that I can have automatic account setup after a customers signs up and pays online for a hosting package.

    Anyone who would like to bid on the project can email me at [email protected]

    I plan to package and resell the scripts to other Sphera owners.

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    I was looking through and found that you can purchase already made Sphera Servers through They can get expensive ($450.00 is the minimum i think) but Dialtone will install everything for you, and if something doesnt work, you can blame them (and hopefully they will fix it). I know Dialtone is good about customer service, so the $450 may be worth it.


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