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    Arrow Order Form.

    I have a question. I have created an order forum. I set up the Submit button to my e-mail:
    <INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Order/Submit" NAME="submit"> but when a person click on it it opens their default e-mail. How do I make it so it sends immediately...if you know what I mean, so they don't see my e-mail when they open their compose e-mail box. Help?

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    This sounds like you have a "mailto" tag in there somewhere. The process of sending data from a form is as follows:

    1) Capture data with form fields.
    2) Post the data to a cgi program for processing. (Read up on the action field for the form tag)
    3) The cgi program will collect (and format if designed to do so) and mail the data via a server based mailer. (sendmai for example).

    There are LOTS of examples in various languages on how to do this at

    Look under "form mailers" I think.


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    You could also process the form with PHP or ASP if you don't fancy using CGI. I've included an example of the PHP mail command. In the content of the email you should include the variables passed from the form. For example if the name of the form element was 'firstname' then put '$firstname' in the content of the email to display it in the email.

    PHP Code:
    Good luck with the form!
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    i would do as above, post the information to another php file called something like send.php. This file will format all the information into an email, send it then return the customer to whatever page you want.

    It sounds like you have tried to make the submit button send the email directly, which isnt the best idea
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