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    share rackshack server

    in the next 1-2 weeks i buy a dedicated from rackshack.
    it is about 60G space 400G bandwith Ensim cp for $100 per month.
    If you are interest i can give you the half 30G space and 200G bandwith in the half price ( $50 per month).
    (Also if i not find one i can try to find 2 peoples 10Gbyte space and 80Gbyte bw for 25 per month)
    I can this because i not really need so many bw and space.
    If you are interest please contact me.

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    mix man whats so funny.

    If its about the language you must understand and come out of your pretty little world and see not everyone can speak english as good as you and I.

    I bet he wouldnt laugh at you if you tried to speak Greek.

    Anyway your post was a waste and i didnt really want to post because this would just boost your post count more whilst replying to me.

    Kind regards
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    Actually wouldn't this be perfect for the guy looking for a good hosting offer for his free roxette site? - the hosting solutions company

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    Originally posted by mixman

    I think he's laughing at the fact that RackShack has filled their datacenter and don't sell servers there anymore (unless you catch a cancelled server).
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    Finally i order the server in the next 3-4 days, so if you real want my offer contact me ASAP.

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    No i have free the 1/4 of the server.
    If everyone want this at real cost price please contact me.

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