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    * and how do you think I can even this one out?

    This is a design I'm currently working on, I think most of the work is done and it's just the finishing touches that need work. But strangely I can't seem to get anything that can even out the design. I've just managed to get the colour balance in, now it's the elements that are giving me problems. Can anyone help? Design is attached

    NB: Quality has been reduced to get it to fit as an attachment

    Oh and the header is not complete, waiting for stock photos from the client. There will also be more content on the right hand side as I'm given it from the client
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    It's not too bad. The header could use work, but like you said, you are waiting for stock photos from them, so that could improve. Your nav buttons could use some more interest. Maybe some color or different shapes? Not sure. It's a crisp and clean design, but looks like a techy-type design. I don't know much about cryptozoology so it's hard to say if it works for the subject. Not bad though.
    Kevin Hauge
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