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    Which is better if you are located out US? 2checkout or Revecom?

    I am located outside US.

    Checks will take a long time to receive and to clear.

    Which provider is better for International clients?

    Which charge lower for wire transfer?

    Which is better in chargeback fraud prevention?

    I read that 2checkout absorb chargeback. Does Revecom do the same?

    Thanks a lot.

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    You might also want to check out They do charge for charge-backs. However, they do international wire transfer for free, can remit in non-US currencies, and you can bill your local customers in your own currency (provided they support that currency).

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    freakysid, as I can see:
    International remittance charge (non USD funds) - USD 13.00
    Bank draft sending fee (any currency) - Free!
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    any more info? thanks.

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    We are located in Canada. We use and it's proven to work just fine.
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    They both support a variety of customers.

    Paysystems seems to offer more, but 2checkout is really well known, and do a pretty good job. (Minus responding to tickets quickly.)
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    Anyone know the URL for cost breakdown of Revecom's International Wire Fees?

    2checkout fees is here

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    Revecom's international wire fee is $10 (US) - anywhere in the world. Pretty democratic.

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