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    My story (Tis a long one)

    I know some of you wont care, but others might.

    My story starts off six - eight months ago. I had been running a small network/IT services company with a couple of small clients. It was not my day job thats for sure. I had my site hosted with I wont go into much detail about them, they were ok the time i was with them, but never paid much attention to them because i was not reselling yet.

    I signed a client who wanted a web site designed and hosted. Well at that time readyhosting was not a good way to make money so I decided to look around. I found out about this thing called reseller acounts. It was a great idea. I hurried up and found the cheapest reseller account I could find. I had my own web site and my new clients site to host. So, I paid my setup fee and my first months service fee and I was up and off to the races. Let me be the first to tell everybody that I am a MCSE for a full time day job. I know nothing about linux, cept how to enable samba. So anyways.

    First month of service with surpassssssssshosting comes and goes. I had lots of problems. I would ask questions via email and would wait, and wait and wait and wait. Like I submitted a support email thursday night, i get a response sunday night at 11pm. That was not acceptable to me. So I start shopping around. I find HTTPME.COM. I pay for services there and move to Aussie Bobs servers. I also request a refund from Mr. Vivar at and he replies several days later stating all refunds are given by company check. Four weeks later, several emails later, he replies to my email stating "What refund?" So long story short, I conduct my first credit card chargeback in my lifetime. This was also my first experiance with, more about 2CO in abit.

    So HTTPME.COM was very good people. I had my account there for couple months. Tech support is done via help desk and discussion group. My first week there I decide to buy a web template from someone on ebay. Well, turns out is was a stolen web site. Rule #2 screw ebay. The guys at HTTP.ME are awesome, answering tech support question in a couple hours even allowing me to copy verbatim text from there site and place it on mine. I really was pleased with HTTPME.COM, I thought it could get no better.

    Business started to grow, and grow quickly. I was happy things, were well. I needed to credit card processor.

    I had pretty good luck with 2CO when I did the charge back against my first host. So i checked them out and ended up buying their package. Within 30 minutes, I was taking credit cards and things were really moving along.

    Then the email comes.......... Do you host sites with questionable content. I respond and ask what type of content. So it turns out this guy runs a newsletter web site called crack-talk. Its only a newsletter site and its all about the world of hacking and such. I ask to look at his site and its just as his says. Nothing way left field, just stuff like "Xbox is hacked.. read how", and "XM radio is being hacked,.." stuff like that. I think to myself hmmm, looks 100% ok to me. Being the honest person , I email Aussie Bob and throw it past him, he responds with a FIRM NO WAY. I understand 100%, its his servers, his business. His choice.

    This was a really hard one to think thru. after several days of pondering I decide to find a provider that would allow this content. After all I saw nothing wrong with it.

    I came across I can not say enough about this company. More on that in a moment. I chat live with there support department at like 2am and ask the same question about content. He clearly states, no files, just newsletter? I say yes. He says as long as your not hosting illegal files it will be ok. He says but they will monitor my account very close to make sure its all legal. I am ok with that... so here we go again. Make the move. Now this time I have twenty domains. But the guys at hostmatix were so awesome. Andy from Hostmatix says "we will move them all for you" and like in twenty minutes all my clients are on a different server. It was the coolest thing ever. Ok, so I at

    Business is growing like crazy. I am up to 30 domains in under three weeks. My funding day is coming up. The 16th is getting close. It comes and passes. Nothing. not a penny from 2CO. I was so pissed. So like 9 days later I call them, oh nope they dont have a friggin telephone. So i submit a help desk ticket. Five days later no response. Business is still growing, and I am paying a boatload of money to hostmatix. The charges are still going thru two check out but no money from them.

    So FINALLY I get a response from 2CO. They have to VERBALLY verify every single credit card charge for new customers. So that is why your payment is fifteen days late. Well THANK YOU 2CO.
    Is this explained anywhere in the TOS. HELL NO.

    So I move to paysystems. Let me tell everybody in the world, paysystems is much much much better. 100000% better. They fund four times per month, not twice like 2CO.

    During all this time the guys at hostmatix are just awesome. I could reach them anytime of day or night. Hell, sometimes they would chat ME and say hey hows it going. And all along there telling me about running a hosting business, what to expect. Coaching me is more like it. I tell you they are the reason for my next step.

    I get funded from two check out, and things are well.

    I make the move. I buy a dedicated server. was my choice. Cheap and so far very reliable.

    Oh, and when I told the guys at hostmatix, they were actually happy. They were like OMG thats awesome.

    Thats my Story

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    That's the way it is in this business. You just keep trying different things until you find what works best for you.
    Seems like you have it all sorted out now. That's a good thing.
    There is no best host. There is only the host that's best for you.

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    I love happy endings!!

    sniff *reaches for the tissues*

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    I make the move. I buy a dedicated server. was my choice. Cheap and so far very reliable.

    Oh, and when I told the guys at hostmatix, they were actually happy. They were like OMG thats awesome.
    That's a classy attitude on their part. They helped you grow into what you are and are actually delighted to see you succeed. My hat's off to them for that!

    Someone once told me this, not directly related but it's about integrity:

    --> 10's hire 10's and 5's hire 2's.

    Basically, the good guys know they need to hire good guys and are not affraid of them pole vaulting over them. The mediocre guys hire the lousy ones so they always look good. Seems to me like Hostmatix were the 10's in this case and they helped you become a 10. Don't forget how they treated you, be as helpful and sincere as they appear to be and you'll do great.
    <!-- boo! -->

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    the latest posts have Hostmatix in the dumper.

    How's it going for you now wdk3??

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    I dunno. Sounds like you are trying to move to fast to me. you will find 30 domains easy to manage. Wait till 50. Then next, 100. Oops it is 150. Now what? Your billing system is full of errors, havent quite figured out the dedicated thing, and then your hard disk fails.

    Now what?

    I am/was a reseller myself. I just had a maaaajor harddisk failure and my unnamed upstream took well over a week to restore the sites.

    Yep, loosing hundreds a day. However I think that we have a fair reputation and do not outsource yet, (if ever)

    Somehow or another after a week of downtime (twice! in one month) it amazes the hell out of me I have any clients.

    My also unnamed new upstream has quite frankly bailed my ass out of a tough situation.

    I have had sites on a few different reseller servers and I think this one may be a good bet.

    Lets make a long story short for you potential resellers.

    Don't put all the eggs in one basket, or however that one goes.

    I am inches away from a dedicated, but I think yet another reseller account WITH root is a better option before the jump to dedicated. Believe me, I have thought about it for many months.

    What better than to have a managed server, with another person managing and teaching you how it works?

    Don't oversell or grow too fast. It will bite your ass.

    It can get ugly real fast. I know. I've missed my regular job 4 days this week and have had roughly 6 hours of sleep in the meantime.

    Why am I posting here again? Must sleep nowwwwwwwwwwwww..............
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    Very good read, and I'm happy to hear your business endevour worked out so well, a few bumps along the way but overall a successful ride.
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    That was a good read wdk3!

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

    Better luck in the future... the way I see it, the bumps along the way, never cease for good.

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