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    new reseller - need suggestions

    Planning to start a samll website to resell domain registration and hosting plans.

    Need some comments about my research results (likely to be decision soon ) from RESELLERS.

    1. I'm going to pick enom (or WWD/GoDaddy ?) for domain registration
    2. splashhost (or Voxtreme?) for low-level reseller plan
    3. (Question) Also, do you know where to get a website with professional look and feel at a reasonable price? I need a website, not just a template

    One more question: Why so many people are using 2checkout? Is Paypal good? It seems it's a little cheaper

    Any suggstions or recommaendations (even outside of the ones mentioned above) would be greately appreciated !!!

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    It sounds like you have the first two pretty well covered.
    For #3, maybe you should look around the Related Offers and Requests forum here. You could ask the designer to complete the site if you found something you liked. I think there are some pretty talented people here.
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    Another newbe - welcome to the reselling world, mind your head

    1 - Both good choices - I picked enom with DRAM, will try WWD latter to.

    2 - look further, but both good - I prefer Voxtreme
    3 - "related offers" has great deals that I often pick up

    Suggestions - hmmm - Don't Rush, have Fun and don't get too serios till after your first payinf customer. Look at the legal, accounting, payment systems etc that are not related to the geek stuff

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    yeah .. the related offers Forum is a nice place to look in for the third query | mailto: [email protected] | ASP.NET-MS SQL-Cold Fusion hosting| Cheap domain registration | MSN : [email protected] |

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    I, for one, and some others I know, have accounts with, and think they are very hard to beat. Been with them over 3 months, and only minor problems. Check them out!



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    Thanks a lot for all the replies !

    Can someone who have experience with both enom and WWD/GoDaddy give more comparison in terms of price, reliability, customization and integration into own website, etc.? I know enom is easy to integrate, don't know anything about WWD.

    One more question: Why so many people are using 2checkout? Is Paypal good? It seems it's a little cheaper

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    Paypal is probably better to start out with, and later build up to a merchant account. I've heard many "bad" stories about PayPal, but none that I know of have been confirmed or verified. The only set back with PayPal that I know of is many web hostees ( ) don't like to use PayPal, as it requires for them to register an account with them, many times causing serious problems.
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