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    taxes in va and all that good stuff

    Any hosts here based in Virginia, how are you guys doing taxes? H&R block?

    I have a friend who runs his own little network consulting firm and he goes through H&R block...

    I really don't want to deal with taxes and would like to have someone like H&R block do it for me, any idea of the cost..what they would need to do the taxes etc etc

    Also if you registered your biz in Va, did you do it online or what?

    -Thanks in advance!

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    i'm in virginia, but we haven't been open a year yet, so we haven't paid taxes. Are you filed as a corporation?
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    We use a real CPA (not a chain like H&R) and pay about $500/yr for our LLC returns. My guess is that H&R would probably be much less, but you will likely get a much lower level of personalized service.

    If you are on a really on a budget, you also might consider doing your own returns. If you have some spare time and are confident with numbers, they really aren't all that hard to do. I use TaxAct ( to run different scenarios like it quite a bit.
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    We are in Virginia as thing we do is trade off with the local CPA for services...No out of pocket costs for us and the local CPA has 2 for his business and a bed and breakfast him and his wife have on the side...been doing this for a few years and it is working out well for both parties

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