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    LF :: 30 User Plesk Licenses

    I am in search for a 30 User Plesk License. We have another server going up this week and I would like to have Plesk on their for my clients.

    Anyone that has licenses for sale please email me.

    I will also consider used licenses as an option.



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    If you have a lic . new or old they are running a deal 30 domains for $49.95 but you need a number from a old one, we are going to do that, we have 2.0 lic for 30 and we are going to get the unlimited $199 not bad from $799. only tell 10/31/02

    Just FYI


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    Thanks for the heads up on that, but I currently do not have a license for Plesk, I was supposed to get one from an individual from here, but never did hear back from the lad so...

    Ill keep looking and hope I can find smething here or elsewhere.

    Thanks again,


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