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    Recurring Billing with

    I just signed up with after losing my merchant account to to a high chargeback ratio. My merchant account provider actually agreed to reinstate me with scrict terms (ie holdback etc), but I already got put on the TFM list wich is too bad. I didnt realize that chargebacks would be such an issue.

    Anyway, I havent heard back from's support on this, but I am trying to setup recurring billing so that my clients are billed on the same day of the month. Their system seems good for this if your client is on a monthly billing cycle, but if they are on a 3 or 6 month cycle I see no way to do this. It seems the only way to implement this is to schedule the billing items for a certain # of days - ie 90, 180 etc. This way, the billing will not be on the same day of the month that they signed up. I would really like it to be that way.

    Anyone know how I can do this?

    David Harris
    Multiple Domain Web Hosting

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    With this version of hostcharge MCC I have no idea how solve your problem. But as Asher promise in new version you have much more options. And today I see Asher post on WHT - you can ask him directly about this.
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