I have the last of our compaq servers sat here on my desk that i'm willing to shift pretty cheap, so I can move it into the datacentre

Based in the UK for 80 per month and no setup fee, immediate setup. Just the one box only.

- New compaq Pentium III 1Ghz
- 512MB 133Mhz SDRAM
- 40GB Maxtor 7200rpm HDD
- Any OS installed, or windows with your own keycode
- 50GB monthly data transfer
- remote APC reboot switch
- CD re-writer (should you want to backup to CD! )
- 100Mbit switched LAN
- Free DNS services
- 24hr Support
- User configurable firewall.
- Daily LAN backups.

Shoot me a e-mail at [email protected] if your interested.

Help me get this off my desk!

Regards, Matt.