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    Question Flash online Site Builder

    Hi and thanks for taking your time.

    Any one know the best flash on-line sitebuilder out there
    and is customers buying there services? ore is it a over ratede services

    Im asking becource Im planning to build on and I would like to see the best online
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    Check out I guess they offer something like that.

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    I know and I like there system I dont know but I will check them out.

    But do you have any idear what kind of volume in sales the can generate?

    And what type of clients uses systems like flashtogo?

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    stay away from and their product. my review is as follows:

    the flash builder program has no customer support. There was good contact while we were considering buying, but once we purchased their product, there was absolutely no contact when we have had a question or found a bug and still to this day, we are waiting response for approximately 5-10 questions/emails we have sent. not good.

    I would not recommend this product to anyone as the ROI will not be beneficial to your company. Plus it is a support nightmare. We could even give it away.

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    any other programs or comments....

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    Maybe you could take a look at , they have some interesting software for this.
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