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    Problem with the enom URL domain registration


    Yes, I know, I should ask enom this question, but the support there is quite slow.

    I would like to use the eNomís URL Interface to connect it with my customer database.

    I'm using the following command to create an account:

    I get the following error message:
    RRPCode: 701
    RRPText: Component has an invalid response code.
    Command: PURCHASE
    ErrCount: 0
    Server: ResellerTest
    Site: eNom
    Done: true
    If I use only the registrar address, it works. But I need also the tech, admin and auxbilling address in WHOIS.

    Is anyone using this system and can help me?

    Thanks a lot

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    Is nobody using this interface?


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    this does not appear to be correct. %2 is not a period. %2E is a period.

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    This is the unoffical enom support forum, slow to also

    You might also want to do a search here for DRAM a nice script for enom resellers.

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    Thanks, but the %2 was not the problem, I changed it and still get the same error message.

    The enom forum would be great, but I can't register there. I tried a lot of different names and got always this error message:

    Sorry but this username has been disallowed


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    I just found out, if I take out my Nameservers, it seams to work:

    OrderID: 156137592
    RRPCode: 200
    RRPText: Command completed successfully - 156137592
    Command: PURCHASE
    ErrCount: 0
    Server: ResellerTest
    Site: eNom
    Done: true

    If I go to the Page, I can see the registred domain, but the addressinformation for Regsitrar, Tech, Admin and Auxbilling is the same as my reseller address. It don't take the addresses I submited to the API.

    I hope someone can help me...


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    The test interface has been all over the place lately. Major PITA. Have you tried submitting the "PURCHASE" command with the minimum required information then using the CONTACTS command to set the contacts and then MODIFYNS to set the nameservers?

    Best wishes,
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    Wow, that's a great idea... I will try this today.


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    It's a bit better now. The PURCHASE and MODIFYNS command works great, but the CONTACTS command is not working. But I found out, that I can not even edit the contact information manually in the test account.

    Maybe it's a bug in the test server. I will try it in the live system now, but how can I add here my server IP address?


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