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    I have searched long and hard on this board for the perfect dedicated host and I think I have found it in

    My requirements:
    I will be running a couple of static ASP sites with minimal MS Access database support and 1 pretty busy forum site that uses a SQL Server database making full use of stored procedures. The sites are generating so much traffice that shared hosting is no longer an option. offered me 300GB transfer on a 1,2Ghz Celeron machine for around $300 including SQL server. This is a good deal right? Any negative experiences with Any other (better?) companies that offer simular offers?

    Any advice is very much appreciated.

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    I am part of the FastServers.Net team so I won't comment or provide a sales pitch here, but I would recommend starting a discussion about SQL Server and performance needs within this thread. While the server you are talking about might work out in terms of running the application performance on it is going to be a bit sluggish.

    A good technical discussion on the overhead and minimum requirements for SQL Server might be in your best interest.
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    It is highly recommended that SQL Server lives on its own dedicated server. Depending on how busy your board is you may want to take that into consideration.

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    Good to see people from on this board. Always a good sign.

    As far as I know there are advantages and disvantages to running your webserver and SQL server on the same machine. Advantages: no network traffic between both seperate servers. Disadvantages: less power for both.

    Are you suggesting I take a heavier machine to run both webserver and sql server on, or are you suggesting I seperate the both and go for a seperate SQL server?

    FYI, the heaviest site is a forum with about 100 concurrent users at its peak. It uses ASP en SQL server stored procedures.

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    ketser, seems we posted simultaneously...

    I know that performance will be better on a seperate sql server machine but I cannot rent two dedicated servers. How much is that going to cost me.....

    So the solution would then be for me to get a dedicated web server and a shared sql server. Do you think that will give me better performance then putting both on my dedicated. At least then I know there are no other people messing up the database, you offer SQL Server for $108/month. I suppose that is for putting it on your own box, or is it the price for giving me access to a shared SQL server machine?

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    Other than cost, there are not any good reasons to have SQL and web on the same server. If you connect the database server and the webserver via a cross over or back end network, you won't have network traffic. Not only does this save on bw costs, it is faster and more secure! You should avoid connecting via the Internet!

    If your SQL does not run a great deal than the machine you suggested might work. I personally would avoid a Celeron processor for SQL. SQL required heavy resouces including processor and memory.

    If you can, go with a Celeron machine for your Web and a beefier machine for your SQL. Otherwise, go with a beefier server for both.

    The SQL license (must be a processor license, not the CAL version) is expensive. SQL is an excellent product, and you pay for what you get.
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    I have been playing with their configure a server thingie and came up with a Quarterly deal in which I get the 4th month for free. This would mean I get the following machine:

    P4 1.8 GHz Processor
    1 GB ECC RAM
    80GB IDE Drive
    Windows 2000 Server
    SQL Server 2000

    for $308/month (if you calculate it with the free 4th month). Is this machine going to be able to pull it as webserver and sql server in one? I cannot pay more than this......

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    Thats a very hard question, but i think it will run ok. You would maybe see a slowdown at peak times.
    It will also heavily depend upon the boards code. Does it use stored procedures? is it optimised code? etc etc. A badly written board could cause you unwarranted overhead.

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    Are you renting or buying the machine?

    Are you renting or buying the machine? If buying, then the price of the machine alone comes to around $1200. Am I right?

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    It is pure rental. I do not think that they will let him keep the machine after x months
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