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    New Hosting Company - Carraway Technology

    Hello Everybody. I just want to take a second to let everyone know that after extensive planning and consideration, I have finally brought a server online. My main purpose in doing so is to provide a hosting solution to you customers who are like me in that you want to work with a host who is large enough to meet your needs yet small enough to care about you.

    Here are a few high-points of the service I am offering. Read on a little further down for some more chat about me and this new sector of my business.

    My server is connected to 6 OC12 lines and one DS3, where peak bandwidth is in excess of 2 GB per second. A team of expert administrators monitors the server 24/7/365 to make sure it is always available to you. The bottom line: it is always available, always fast.

    The platform, to whom it may concern, is Windows 2000 Server.

    Capabilities include, but are not limited to: Active Server Pages & ASP.Net, Front Page Server Extensions, SQL Server 2000, ODBC, Access Database and others upon request, support for multiple subdomains i.e. "," email, email forwarding, ftp, etc... Basically if you want it and I don't offer it, I will try my best to start offering it the moment you ask.

    Pricing. While I will continue to be as flexable as you need me to be, I do require a minimum investment of $40.00 per month to host your website. My services go far beyond those of standard web hosting. For example, I am willing to let you run your own ActiveX controls, ActiveX DLLs etc., as well as 3rd party technologies.

    My purpose is not to compete with the hudreds of other web hosting services out there. My purpose is offer services that go beyond those of the standard web host. You get to define the services offered. I don't sell bandwidth and storage space, I sell flexability. The bandwidth and storage space simply come with it!

    If I can help you in any way, please feel free to contact me.

    Martin Carraway
    President/Tech Consultant

    Carraway Technology Solutuions
    256.974.0163 or 256.341.6164

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    Do you have any plans on when the website will be completed?

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    do you need a designer ??

    My portfolio is at if you do

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    I currently have a web designer working on the the site. Actual functionality and a new look will come along about the middle of October. If you all have any ideas, let me know.


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