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    Question Urgent: how to see if you have a spammer

    I have looked over the last command and in the cpanel mail stats and I can't get a good idea of how to tell for sure how many emails are sent from a account.

    The website I believe is using a script to do it there is this stat:

    Top 50 local destinations by volume

    22 107653 e######l

    Does this mean he sent 100,000 emails

    anyways if there a file in the root through ssh or something that says if a domain is sending emails through there account.

    Please help I keep getting threats that a spammer is on my box and they are using my main domain name on the box to mask it,

    Thanks all,


    Forgot the box is a redhot 7.3 with cpanel

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    try cat /var/log/maillog or cat /var/log/messages | grep [name your smtpd logs as]

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    What exactly do these "threats" say? It's hard to help you since you don't seem to have many skills in the area of administration on your machine. I respect that you don't want to post the name of the involved site out of privacy concerns, but if you want to PM me with the text of the complaints and the site name, I can help you track down whether your customer is a spammer, a victim of a spammer, or there's nothing going on at all.

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