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    Question Bandwidth & Traffic Formula?

    I have setup a few Windows 2000 servers that I will be using to host dedicated customers and some shared. Currently it is connected to a T1 line. How can I determine how much traffic I can offer to each server? Can I offer 500gig to each of the 5 servers? What about 1000gig?

    For example, if I sold all 5 servers as dedicated servers, how much traffic could each of them pull on a T1 line? How about a T3 line?

    Is there some sort of formula to figure this out?

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    There are a couple of different ways to determine this number. A T1 connection is 1.5 megabits. In theory, you can transfer approximately .1875 megabytes of data per second over that line, which means in a given 30 month, you can transfer 486,000 megabytes of data (474.6 Gigabytes).

    You could divide that number by 5, but keep in mind a couple of things:

    1. That assumes a steady transfer of data, which probably does not match your traffic patterns, you probably have peaks and valleys of data usage.

    2. There is network overhead, which will prevent you from making full use of the available bandwidth.

    3. There is some overselling involved in all bandwidth calculation, because not everyone is going to use all of their available data transfer...but you certainly do not want to oversell by 500% .

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