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    * University website

    Which design would you go with? It's for a specific program at a university. Feedback is appreciated.

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    Talking Would help if I gave out the url

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    the server is offline. Please go to

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    I prefer some elements of the first design, as the second has too much distraction on left. However, the first design is not as readable because there isn't enough contrast between the black background and the font color.

    I would also fade the graphics more on this design. Again readability. The picture makes the text over it hard to read. And you don't need the bar at the top with the second design.

    On the second design, line up the numbered items so that the numbers standout.
    I. All courses in the upper division must be completed with a grade of "C" or above. A
    proficiency examination must be passed with a grade of "C" (70) at the end of each
    professional nursing course, except NUR 4935--Nursing Seminar. The proficiency
    examination in NUR 4935 must be passed with a grade of 75.
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    Thanks KG. I'll get right on it!

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    1st Comp:
    With those colors, everything looks faded out. The images are dull, no contrast, the text is green on dark grey, very hard to read. It looks very "blocky", the white and orange areas just don't blend together very well. On the left side, you are wasting a good inch with no data. Move everything over to the left edge and it will look better and give you more room for data (the important part).

    2nd Comp:
    Better than the first I think. Again, using a lot of space on the left side that will take up nearly half the monitor. I would take the far left info and move it up to the header or over to the right side? Like KG said, the rollovers get hard to read on a few. For your info on the right, if you are using a roman numeral list you can format it better by using the list function:

    <ol type="I">
    <li>All courses in the upper ...</li>
    <li>GPA must remain ... </li>
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    Sorry I had some imgs not showing up. Take a look at it now.

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