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    Anyone using

    Anyone used

    Had someone mention them today, but I don't see any bandwidth limits on their site? And they're offering unlimited disk space? I bet i'm gonna see stars when I post this huh?

    Ok, apparently I'm not going to see stars! I DID do a search for them before posting and didn't turn up anything!</edit>

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    Look harder!!!!!
    intellec get what you pay for and you pay for what you get....

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    I use them. I use them for my clients, whose bandwidth usage is much smaller than my own. I use them knowing that when I hosted a site with them using many cgi scripts that they didn't do well.
    If your site doesn't have alot of cgi scripts and bandwidth they perform good.

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    I didn't give enough info... I found them years ago while I was still a believer in unlimited bandwidth.
    I was already w a host who stated unlimited bandwidth at prohosting and got it! ... for a time, then they went to 17 gig, then 12... anyway i had to leave them, overage was killing me.
    But, I had clients at a later date who couldn't afford what I was paying and went to featureprice. I never had a problem with the clients' sites I had hosted with them.
    Later I tried them for a high-volume site I had (nowhere near the volume my reg site is) and my cgi scripts were constantly eroded and data lost.
    But, with just a few scripts running w them they have been steady and reliable.
    What I was trying to say in my last post was, if you have a reg volume site, few scripts and just want reliable hosting w good tech support, i'm happy with them.
    But, if any of you have seen my last postings, I am actively searching for better than that for my own extremely high volume site.
    You have to know what you have. If your site is the norm, I'd recommend them.

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