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    HyPO Forums Needs Moderators

    I am looking to "hire" about 2 more mods to help out at HyPO. We opened on October 1st and are growing daily. Here are the few requirements:

    - Must have a good attitude and can be fair with others
    - Act in an professional manner at all time
    - Be active in the forum: Post topics, refer people, etc.
    - Past MOD experience is a plus, but not absolutly necessary.

    No pay is offered at this time. I may be offering free banner advertising to the mods, if you do your job correctly. Your posting past here at WHT will be reviewed by myself to see how you act here in front of everyone else, so if there is anything you want to address when contacting me, feel free to do so. You can send email to: [email protected]

    HyPO Forums -

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