htp:// has a few more openings this month. As our site expands we have room for more advertising oportunities and more traffic. Our stats our a little over 3000 unique visitors a day now.

Dedicated banner on main page
$40 a month (1 spot open)

Dedicated Text ad on Every page
Top left in black box of every page
$100 a month (1 spot)

Rotated banner on 7 most popular pages
roated with no more then 4 other banners
468x60 size
10+ spots on our site that it will appear on
$30 a month (2 spots open)

10 Dedicated banners on our content pages
468x60 banner size
$25 a month (4 spots open)

Stats are usually 3000+ unique visitors a day and rising.
If I left anything out, just ask.


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