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    Question Hosting for six sites

    I am planning to put up five sites and was thinking of going with featureprice .com as they do a package. Has anyone tried these.
    Any other good hosts that would suit?

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    What you are prob looking for is a small reseller program.. This would allow you to add as many domains as you need and still keep your monthly fee low as opposed to having 6 seperate shared hosting accounts.. I am sure if you do a search on Featureprice you will get some more info on them but off the top of my head nothing comes to mind.. You might also want to post a request in the hosting requests forum and you should get a good response from different hosts.. I hope this has help you out a little so good luck and welcome to WHT

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    Hey Host,

    Check out this thread, I was looking for something of the same and was given a lot of opportunities here:

    I ended up going with the offer... i haven't had any problems yet, altho something to mention is that support has been slow in answering a few questions. If you want to talk more about them, just drop me a line.

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    Alwayswebhosting allows several domains on one account. I have 6 domains on a single account. Works well.
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